I thought since we were approaching a New Year in two days I would write about our 2009 adventure!

This past year was so amazing…we were all in school: Danny at Liberty, Abby in elementary, Emma in Pre-School, and I am still at HSU finishing my Masters!  We have been stretched this year with this because we have been so busy.

Danny completed 21 hours this past semester with a GPA of 3.73!!! Go Danny…and this will allow him to go forward in the schooling process to get his Masters as well. When we attended Abby’s parent teacher conference her teacher had nothing but positive things to say about her…She commented on how Abby was every teachers dream child…She also said that Abby was ahead of most of the other children in her class.  We are so proud of her for working so hard and for learning so fast. Emma has developed such a personality from School…she has learned how to do so many things like write her full name and say her numbers and letters all the way through.  She is so cute and her teacher says she is such a joy to be around…we all agree.  I finished this December with half of my Masters Degree..I have 24 hours left to be FINISHED!!!  My GPA this semester is a 3.5…YEAH!!!  I am only saying this to allow those who have pushed me through school to read it and know that your encouragement is working! School is the biggest part of our lives right now, but it will soon fade into careers and activities.

The Church has really played a huge role in our maturation throughout this last year.  We have been challenged to Worship so much deeper now than ever before.  God has been so faithful in providing for our needs emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Danny has worked so hard to establish a place of FREE worship during the music at church.  It is so encouraging to watch as our church grows in their freedom to raise their hands and sing to the top of their lungs to the LORD or to kneel before the LORD in worship.  We have seen a transformation and it has blessed us so much this year.  Our Pastor has also stretched us to endure challenges and to press into the WORD with everything we have and to learn it not just read it.  We did a study of the Psalms this semester and it has been so impactful.  I have written about 10 new songs through this series and cannot wait to use them. It is hard to imagine where we would be without our church family.  The women or SPC are so encouraging to me…they have made me strive to be a better wife and mother to my family.  They have taught me to be patient as I am faced with certain trials in my journey.  I am so excited about the study we will be doing this year called Breaking Free by Beth Moore.  I have watched my wonderful Danny grow while he has been apart of the men’s ministry.  He has been encouraged by his table leader Steve in so many ways and he has felt empowered every time he leaves that class room!  I am so excited to see where God takes the men and Women at SPC!  I know he has wonderful promises for us if we are faithful.  Abby and Emma have grown so much in Sunday School as well…The Wrights are so wonderful in leading them.  Abby wanted her big girl bible to take with her because she is encouraged by Shawn to read her bible in Sunday School.  The girls have brought home so many pictures for their scrapbook about Gods love for them.  I believe their leaders at church have teamed with us to teach them how to LOVE with Gods Love.  This was just a little highlight of what has been happening to us through our church family…there is so much more that God has done.  We LOVE SPC!

Our Family.  Wow what would life be like without you guys!  Yes we know we have been a bit hermit crabish, but we are so thankful for your love and support and understanding during this busy time in our lives.  We feel your support even if we don’t see you every week!  When we are not at school, church, or work we are so busy with rest…YES REST…we need rest sometimes.  lol!  With that said we are thankful for your willingness to understand this is just a small step in our life.  We love you so much.

Well I guess that is all I will write for now.  We have had a wonderful year and we know 2010 will be Wonderful too!  We have so many goals this next year!  Enjoy the photos of the year!



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