so it is 2010!  What are your goals for this year!  I have many friends who have said they do not have a Resolution because they always drop them and I guess this makes them feel like failures! Here is how I see it…it is not bad to set some goals and try to reach them.  I know sometimes we fail at giving our goals 100% but I want to encourage all of you to just pick them right back up and keep going!!!  It is good to fail sometimes because it lets you know you are apart of the human race!  If you give up you will feel like a failure…if you fail but keep going you will feel the wonderful power of Perseverance.  This will bring Joy and maturation into your lives!!! So for 2010 Set some goals and chase them.  Mine are of course to be fit…Love my husband and girls better by serving them with Joy…Stay focused on the LORD in the midst of my busy life…and to journal more!  I think these things will help me live life to the Fullest as GOD desires for me and my life!  I love you all!  Have a wonderful day and year!

This is our Jan. 1, 2010 photo!!!
First one of the year!


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