Sunday I was privileged to take some engagement photos for Stacey and Adrian!  Holy Cow what a cute couple!  I loved their willingness to be comfortable with the camera…Sometimes its hard…usually because the guy is being dragged around…”Lets face it…They do not usually volunteer for photo day!”  Adrian is going to be such a wonderful […]

I Love our Girls

Emma was hanging out with me again this morning playing a matching game and winning while I got ready for work “oh the joys of being a kiddo…all play no work”!  Than when we got into the car and started going to her school I turned on the radio to AIR1 of course and the […]

Joshua Landry

Sunday I had the privilege of snapping Josh’s Senior Photos!  Why was this a privilege?  Because Josh was a very warm young man with a wonderful sense of humor.  I love people with confidence and this young man has plenty.  God gifted him with such a good personality and a photogenic face! lol!  Josh thank […]