♥️*Book Preview*♥️

Meet the characters of Always Forever. I would love for you to take time and name them with your child. Maybe these characters remind them of friends from school, church, or the neighborhood. The characters will provide you an opportunity to connect with your child about their friends.

Enjoy this sneak peek! ♥️

After they:
😁brush those teeth
🙌wash their hands
👕👚put on their jammies
🙃climb under the covers
🧻climb back out of the covers to go potty for the second time
🥛🕵️‍♀️go to the kitchen to get a drink and look around to make sure they aren’t missing anything
🙃then go back to their bedroom and climb back under those covers
📘grab this book
🗣whisper the words
say the Always Forever Promise
🎼listen to the lullaby together, maybe even sing it
🧸snuggle up to them as many times as you can before they are grown.
🖊When the time is right my hope is that you will write them a letter of hope and blessings for them to know what they mean to you.

Always, forever you’ll be my sweet baby.
Always, forever I’ll love you like crazy.

Thank you all for supporting me on this journey. Time to Pre-Order your Always Forever Book for that sweet toothless grinning child of yours! Don’t forget those little neighbor kids that need some love.

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Click the link below to place your order. For Pre-Orders, only your copy will be $12 for one or 2 for $20.
The book release will be October 24, 2020.
♥️ https://simplyencourage.com/shop ♥️



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