New Year, New Name

Memories & Photographs: Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your memories over the years! Every single photograph, every smile, bride and groom, every joyful baby and every sweet baby lost too soon,  expectant mom and mom, grandparent and dad, we want to say Thank You! Thank you for letting us be apart […]

Kati Jo + Rickey

Oh Joy!  Relaxed and Fun!  Elegant & Beautiful! Country & Chic! We had so much fun celebrating a sweet and memorable first with you and you family!  We hope this was the first of many fun and memorable moments for you.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a sweet day. […]


Words cannot express what a joy it is to capture the beauty of two becoming one!  Amanda & Cameron you two were truly beautiful and we wish you the best on this marriage journey!  The patience and kindness you represented on your special day was truly amazing.  I hope your marriage journey is fun and […]

Beauty in Diversity

Hey you!!! Although what has happened in the world recently is part of the foundation for this blog, I do not want to discuss my political views, my religion or my views on recent tragedies. I just want to learn people and love them well. I do not want to debate on what is right […]

10 years after Suicide…

Today marks ten years since my brother lost his battle with depression as he took his last breath. He was smart, funny, loving, protective, strong and brave. He loved rap music and loved all people! He never met a stranger! He had freckles and dark hair! He was an accomplished realtor and he loved sports […]

I loved her first…

  Several months ago I was a mess and when I say mess I mean the kind where you self loathe a little and ask why me…why my life?  I all started when I watched a video that was taking the web by storm of a dad dancing in the kitchen while holding his daughter…guys […]

Encouraging Gift Project

  I pulled up to my home after a long day of work. I was completely exhausted and a bit disappointed because I had not received the answer I had been hoping for after months of hard work on an assignment very close to my heart!  As I sat there and looked at my home with […]

The Importance of…

Understanding fear and our own blindness… My husband calls me a humanitarian and while that is true I believe my desire to love humankind comes from my desire to love others towards Christ.  I also have a desire that all people feel the gift of Freedom that God offers.  I am writing today because I have […]