❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💙💙 23 years ago I became a homeless, runaway youth! I ran away after my birth mother had attempted to murder me. I used a payphone, much like this one to call a friend.  I can’t even explain to you the amount of courage it takes to pick up the phone and call for […]

Broken Pencils

When students get angry I sometimes let them break my pencils while taking deep breaths in their nose and out of their mouths. I ask them to break it as much as they can until they feel calmer. Today I placed this kiddos broken pencil in a bowl until he visited again later in the […]

Your Best

Something about this is keeping me awake. Maybe it’s that the test developers made this an answer choice. Maybe it’s that a kid that doesn’t always like reading showed proof he is reading. Maybe it’s that success is subjective and we truly cannot measure another humans success by our own bias standards. Did you do […]

You are too…

My thoughts last night: You are too loud…You are too quiet…You are too much…You are not enough…You are too strict…You are too Free spirited…You are too mean…You are too kind…You are too giving…You are too selfish…You are too emotional…You are too closed off…You are too sad…You are too excited… Whatever you are, my hope for […]

A to B Healing

Healing is not a linear journey! You don’t just go from point A to point B and automatically think, “okay it’s done, I’m Healed, it’s all over”! It is a process of taking turns down dead end roads and turning around. It’s walking left and losing signal with your map in unknown territory and not […]

Love What Matters

A few weeks ago I received a request to share my story by a wonderful media outlet called Love What Matters. Their platform reaches 8 Million people. I was in shock and at the same time honored. I was asked specifically to share my adoption story. As I was preparing I felt this tension to […]

My Memoir Begins

Thank you for the support over the years! Please follow my journey as I continue to write and share! Sharing my story is not easy. I have been writing it into a memoir for quite some time and the trauma of reliving and trying not to make it a sad story is difficult. I want […]


Therapy is scary because reflecting on your most traumatic moments can be a challenge. It’s a sacred experience though, to be in a place of authentic vulnerability and learn that your darkest moments created your greatest purpose. —>my greatest desire is to reach hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced childhood trauma and trauma […]