Kati Jo + Rickey

Oh Joy!  Relaxed and Fun!  Elegant & Beautiful! Country & Chic! We had so much fun celebrating a sweet and memorable first with you and you family!  We hope this was the first of many fun and memorable moments for you.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a sweet day. […]


Words cannot express what a joy it is to capture the beauty of two becoming one!  Amanda & Cameron you two were truly beautiful and we wish you the best on this marriage journey!  The patience and kindness you represented on your special day was truly amazing.  I hope your marriage journey is fun and […]

Beauty in Diversity

Hey you!!! Although what has happened in the world recently is part of the foundation for this blog, I do not want to discuss my political views, my religion, or my views on recent tragedies. I just want to learn people and love them well. I do not want to debate what is right or […]


There are those moments in our lives when we feel so honored to be apart of something that we can’t help but share those joyful moments with others!!! We love making memories! We also love when others are as excited as we are about making things special and FUN! I am writing today to share […]

Baby Zoe!

I feel so blessed to be able to take photos!  This one tugged my heart strings like no other.  I do not want to share too much detail but I will say I love this sweet Couple and their little Zoe.  I wanted to give a little sneak peak of this maternity shoot because this Mommy to […]