2021 New Year, New Words

Instead of resolutions I tend to focus on words for the New Year. I decided 2021 needed several words and I wanted to share a few of mine with you. I would love to hear what yours are. GRATEFUL: This year I want to focus on what I am grateful for. It is way too […]

Beauty in Diversity

Hey you!!! Although what has happened in the world recently is part of the foundation for this blog, I do not want to discuss my political views, my religion, or my views on recent tragedies. I just want to learn people and love them well. I do not want to debate what is right or […]

Caddell Babies

A sweet friend of mine allowed me to capture her beautiful family!  I just had to show you a few because they are too cute to keep them hidden away!  We love newborn babies but capturing their beauty is a task because sometimes they get the wiggles while other times they are content!  This little […]

Cameron + Lizzie = Mr. & Mrs. Bailey

This wedding was one of the best I have ever done!  What a beautiful Bride and a handsome Groom.  These two people joined together as one, on a beautiful Saturday in October.  There were many people there to celebrate and it was so special to see them walk in their faith and love the entire […]