Cameron + Lizzie = Mr. & Mrs. Bailey

This wedding was one of the best I have ever done!  What a beautiful Bride and a handsome Groom.  These two people joined together as one, on a beautiful Saturday in October.  There were many people there to celebrate and it was so special to see them walk in their faith and love the entire day!

When I heard that they were going to have 12 people in each party I was not sure about the day going smoothly at all.  I can tell you with 100% honesty that this bride and groom were surrounded by sweet people full of character and integrity!  Feeling rushed and tension is normal for a wedding but this group never once made us feel that way!  I am just so impressed with them  and their friends and family!  Thank you Lizzie and Cameron for allowing us to be apart of your beautiful day!  We were honored and blessed!  Here is your sneak peek!

IMG_7280 copyIMG_2073IMG_2100 copyIMG_2086IMG_2108 copyIMG_7111 copyIMG_7641 copy IMG_7608  IMG_2328 IMG_7258 copy IMG_7149 IMG_7116    IMG_2490IMG_2533 copy IMG_2497 IMG_2513 copy IMG_2543 IMG_2470 IMG_2467 copy IMG_2475 copyIMG_2411 IMG_2437IMG_2442   IMG_2398 IMG_2393

IMG_2368 copy IMG_2334 copy  IMG_2316 copy IMG_2387   IMG_2291 copy IMG_2306IMG_2278 copyIMG_2282        IMG_1915 copy IMG_1893 copy IMG_1891 copy IMG_1700 IMG_1695 copy IMG_1674    IMG_0642


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