This Christmas

This Christmas was beautiful!  We are so blessed to have the wonderful little family we have and the beautiful support from our friends and family both near us and far away!  Abby and Emma woke up Christmas to a beautiful White Christmas and set their feet towards the Christmas Tree.  They were so excited to recieve their gifts…but they started the morning by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!  It was so cute to see them sing to the LORD on this beautiful morning.  They opened their gifts and seemed so excited with each one.  They did have favorite gifts and Abbys was a new Bible…because one day she came to me and said mommy…I really want a big girl bible to take to church with me…I can read some of the words so I would like to take my own big girl bible to sunday school with me Please. Her Eyes were so big when she opened it…she said Thank You the whole day for the bible.  Emma was so funny because all she wanted for Christmas were Purple Sheets with flowers on it and she got so excited when she opened them!  I love how simple both of them are.  Abby and Emma also bought Daddy and new Wallet for Christmas and paid for it with their own Piggy Bank money…so I posted a picture of them paying for it!  It was s cute!  They really are so special to us and there could never be enough words to explain our Love for them!  I wanted to share a few pics from our day!  Love you all!

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