Morning with EMMA

This Morning I had the opportunity to spend some much needed time with little EMMA!  We did each others hair and makeup and laughed and played with jewelry!  I let Emma brush the eyeshadow on my eyelids and she let me powder her nose and blush her cheeks!  As I was applying her lip gloss on her tiny lips I thought about women and our nature of wanting to be beautiful.  I thought about how this was a moment that I should take as a teachable one.  I looked at Emma and placed my hands on her shoulders…I kissed her little forehead and said I want you to remember something okay…She said in a sweet soft voice okay…I then looked into her beautiful little eyes and said we wear make-up for fun and also to feel good sometimes on a bad skin day but make-up is not what makes us beautiful.  We are beautiful without make-up or jewelry and even if our hair is messy…Emma you are beautiful no matter what the world says and no matter who your compare yourself to.  Your smile is beautiful, your heart is beautiful, your personality is beautiful…and you my sweet girl are so beautiful.  I LOVE YOU!  She looked at me and said I LOVE YOU and we are beautiful girls.  Then I had to take a picture!  Enjoy and remember you are beautiful…Do not compare yourself to the other beautiful girls in this world.  We are all a masterpiece…a creation of LOVE!!!    

3 thoughts on “Morning with EMMA

  1. Steph…I'm so thankful for you. I love that the girls have a step mom that loves them so much and takes opportunities to teach them life lessons. You have no idea what a blessing that is to me!!! And the girls are super lucky to have you in their lives! Thank you!!

  2. we were talking the other night that you dont want to tell the girls they are beautiful too much for fear of making them conceited. however we both know there are several people telling them they are not perfect or good enough for every one time that you tell them they ARE perfect just the way they are. plus it's the truth, they are beautiful little girls!

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