If I act on the feelings that I hold inside of me I would be acting as a fool.  If someone feels the need to hurt you should you allow that hurt to penetrate a seed of bitterness?  If you do allow the wrong someone else has committed against you to hurt, should you let it be known that you are hurting when people ask?  If not, is it prideful to pretend that everything is okay when you do not feel it is?   Would you agree that all people are different and that we all internalize things differently?  We all respond to pain differently?  The bible said to consider it joy when you face trials yet it feels so fake to do that in other peoples timing because it also said there is a time for everything, like grieving.  I am grieving…I do not want to make others look bad but deep inside I feel rejected and my heart is aching with grief and disappointment.  Why should I be expected to just be okay with everything just because of who I am…I know that I am not allowing anyone to know what is going on if you are reading this but WHY am I expected to just let it go and forget that it hurts?  I am just wondering…if your intentions were not to hurt me why do you seem not to care that I am hurting? 

One thought on “Intentions…

  1. Keep you head up…follow your heart and more importantly follow God. He'll never let you down and never lead you astray! You are perfectly allowed to hurt and telling people when they ask isn't a bad thing…as long it's someone you KNOW you can trust and you aren't doing it to deliberately tear someone else down…cause then you're no different than the person who hurt you. I think if you stay true to yourself, to your family and to God…He will honor that and reward you far beyond that which your imagination and your hopes can take you!! I love you friend!!

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