Abby Emma and I decided to go outside and build a snowgirl after I got off work the other day!  We had so much fun.  Abby and Emma would run across the field and sing songs to me as I rolled the little snowball to them.  I had fun watching them watch me…sigh.  Did anyone know it was so hard to build a snowgirl.  How in the world do people make these giant six feet tall snowmen?  I did good just to get a little three footer maybe.  Anyway it was so fun spending the evening with the girls while daddy cooked dinner…”he didn’t want to get cold”!  He is amazing.  After we dressed Lilly the Snowgirl in her hat shades and scarf we had to give her a smile.  Abby said “we should make a smile out of yellow paper”  I thought that was a great idea.  I got the paper and cut out a mouth, paper-clipped it in and she was the prettiest snowgirl ever oh and we can’t forget the star earrings!!! Let us know what you think!

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