Sunday I was privileged to take some engagement photos for Stacey and Adrian!  Holy Cow what a cute couple!  I loved their willingness to be comfortable with the camera…Sometimes its hard…usually because the guy is being dragged around…”Lets face it…They do not usually volunteer for photo day!”  Adrian is going to be such a wonderful husband because he is very loving…and women desire to be loved…and Stacey is going to be a wonderful wife because she was so respectful and that is what the men need.  I enjoyed watching them laugh together!  Adrian and Stacey you are both amazing and I cannot wait to see the beautiful ministry you allow Him to work through you!  Remember God should be FIRST in your marriage and you shall also put one another before yourself…this is what makes marriage successful!  I challenge you to live a life worth remembering…Hold each other tight and remember “With God all things are possible”!  Thank You for allowing me the blessing of capturing your beautiful Love for one another!

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