That is How I Know He Speaks To Me

The other day I was driving to work and I noticed a lady at the street light waiting to walk across to the bus stop…This woman was average build with dark stringy hair bundled in clothes because it was cold enough to see your breath when you exhale.  As I passed her I noticed her head was down and she looked sad. As I passed I also felt God tug on my spirit…Go back and get her…Give her a ride.  This would not have been a problem if I had not promised my husband I would no longer pick up strangers…(Don’t Ask)  Anyway I turned around at the next light and part of me was hoping the bus had already come because I did not want to be a disobedient wife…but when I got there she was there so I rolled down my window and said ma’am can I give you a ride somewhere?  With a grateful voice she said yes that would be nice of you.  I unlocked the door and let her in and asked “where are you going?”  “I am going to the hospital” she replied.  I looked at her and said “what is wrong?”  She replied “I have pneumonia and I cannot breath”.  I looked over at her again and noticed that she looked familiar…What is your name?  “R—” I looked at her in shock “R—“!  It has been almost eight months since I have seen you!  How have you been?  With excitement she said I stopped using drugs and came to see you at your work a few months ago but you were at school…I wanted to tell you!  I also got my own apartment…and I will graduate with my vet tech license in April!  I was so excited for her…She looked so good!  I told her that I would love to go to her graduation.  See R— is a woman whom I have prayed for many times throughout the last three years.  She looked healthier than she had before and she even fixed her hair and put on some makeup.  The whole moral of this story is I did not go back on my word to my husband and I reunited with a friend whom I had been praying for to be healed by the LORD!  This is how I know He speaks to me…that little tug that made me turn around and offer one act of kindness!
Love You R—!   

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