Little Cowgirl Boots

As I stood in that parking lot of what seemed to be the grungiest building in the Big Country I just knew I was in the wrong place. I gazed up at the big words written above the entrance of the old high school building and noticed I was not only in the right place but we were to far out of town to turn back now. As I approached the front door with Abby, Emma and my Husband (who had a big smile on his face) I was honestly nervous. Nervous of what you may ask? Well I CAN’T dance and I just knew I was going to have to dance. I may be a musician but I have no rhythm when it comes to dancing around on a wooden floor. I hate dancing and I am terrible at following someone’s lead, just ask my husband. Anyway we walked in the front door passing through a tunnel of elderly people with bright smiles, seemingly ready to pinch the cheeks of our little people in pink cowboy boots. As we approached the front counter next to the 18th century coke machine I could not help but notice the basket of candy right on the corner of the table. This was not the modern favorites like Hershey’s or skittles but instead it was filled with butterscotch, cinnamon candies and you guessed it…peppermints. Right above the basket of candy was a lady collecting the cover charge. As this lady looked at me and I her I could not help but notice her very BIG very Hair sprayed hair and her blue and white flannel shirt. She softly said “it will be five dollars for you two and the six year old is a dollar and the little one is free. We handed her the money and she kindly said thank you and asked us to sign in. After we left the entrance of that hallway we walked through the door to an old wooden gym floor that had been transformed into the biggest dance floor I had ever seen. I must point out that my eyes started watering from the moment we walked in because of the horrific smell of a huge variety of musky old perfume these women were wearing. Anyway we walked in and I went straight to a seat and started praying I would be able to make the excuse that I needed to observe. As I looked around and pretended to be busy I noticed my husband was looking at me with his hand out as if to say “I did not drive all this way for you not to dance with me steph”. I hesitantly grabbed his hand and walked to the floor only to prove myself right by stepping all over his toes and the inability to follow the lead of my groom. The girls had a blast dancing and I loved watching Danny dance with them as well. I become aware of quite a few things that made me smile. One thing is certain and that is just because they have some years on us does not mean they can’t dance circles around us as far as energy goes. I had to get some water because I got dehydrated just watching them. They all had smiles on their faces and I soon began to understand their reason for wearing so much perfume, they did not want to smell bad from sweating, at least that is what I am conjuring in my own mind. Another observation I made was how the men treated their ladies like royalty. This is the kind of sweet royalty found in the sweet movies or love stories.held them tightly when they shuffled their feet across the huge wooden dance floor. to be cherishing every step they and her friend came and danced as well and showed me some moves and after we sat down they were approached by a ticked off old couple saying “that is our seat” with no smile or even a hint that it was just a simple mistake on our part. I noticed something rather unusual in a dance party kind of setting and that was that they had a pot luck dinner. Each brought when the band took a break everyone made their way to the old kitchen for a variety of food and many sweets. Our little people specifically liked the red jello and sprite. Everyone grabbed their plates of food and ate until the band returned for some line dancing fun. All of this to day I loved watching our little people dance in their little cowgirl boots!

One thought on “Little Cowgirl Boots

  1. Oh, how fun that must have been. I bet the girls laughed so hard dancing around. I know Dan was in his element and I hope you had a great time. Times like these are so very special. I can remember the time I danced with Danny at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth. He was about 4 years old. Man, we had a great time.

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