Day Dream Bride

So I had the amazing opportunity to second shoot for Day Dream photography in Mansfield, TX this past weekend!  Landon Day is an amazing photographer with a heart of Gold!  All of you know I am still new in the photography world so there are still things I am learning, (just a side note: if we stop learning, we die), anyway, I learned so much and am so incredibly excited to share some of the wedding photos with you!

So Alicia and Nick were so awesome! Their wedding was in a beautiful Catholic church that was uniquely designed by the talented architects who built it!  I was amazed at how incredible it was!  The beautiful Bride and her wonderful family were dressed to kill…the wedding dress was gorgeous and there was not a hair out of place on her beautiful, freshly styled curls! We started at her house with photos of her in her beautiful gown with the brides maids…then we went to the church where her groom was anxiously waiting for her hand to join his in marriage! She walked down the aisle with confidence as her daddy prepared to pass her hand to the one he was now trusting with his daughters life.  The groom gladly accepted her hand and they married Saturday with Great Joy!  Finally!!! You may live happily ever after with your bride in whom God has created to be your helpmate Nick!  Bless you both! Have a beautiful Marriage!

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