Sneak Peek @ The Mayfield’s Blessing

So, I had the honor of shooting a beautiful Wedding on what started out to be one of the rainiest days I have ever seen.  I must tell you that I prayed for the rain to stop and I was so worried about it the whole afternoon, but the LORD knew what he was doing!  It had been flooding since four o’clock in the morning all the way until the bride and groom started getting ready for their big day!  I was honestly more nervous than they were because I wanted to provide them with beautiful photos and I cannot shoot in the rain at all.  Knowing this, all I could do was pray!  I prayed, they prayed, and God smiled as they were getting ready!  I know now that he was washing away any dust that covered the green leaves of the beautiful trees that surrounded us.  I loved the SUN shining through the freshly watered branches of greenery.  I was reminded this beautiful day to “Stop Worrying”.

The Bride and Groom were able to confess their love for one another in front of their witnesses and God, and I was able to capture the whole thing!  My favorite part of their wedding was the sand ceremony.  Both lovers were smiling as they took turns pouring the sand into their vase, representing the impossibility of separation from this day forward!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield for allowing me to share this wonderful day with you!

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