Reflection of Beauty

I recently had the opportunity to second shoot for Joseph Bailey (a friend and local photographer) at one of the most priceless weddings I have ever attended!  I was blessed to be there as this beautiful young woman prepared meet with her Beloved at the alter!  I had never met such a “calm” Bride before!  As I began to think through the day, I realized that I must have been more nervous than she was!  I asked myself, “How can this precious bride be so calm on one of the most important days of her life?”  As the day went on, I continued to muse this question until I realized what it was…Miss “CALM” bride-to-be was full of the presence of GOD!  She truly unveiled the GRACE and DIGNITY of her King on this day as she claimed her LOVE before her friends and family!  Thank you Bradye for pouring your sweet heart of patience into your day so that those around you could taste and see that the LORD is good!  Josh, you are one BLESSED man, and I also know you are going to be a wonderful blessing in your bride’s life, just as your dad mentioned during the ceremony.  Thank you two for reflecting the beauty of the Sovereign One as your hearts were fused together on this delightful day. I would also like to thank the families and friends of the bride and groom for being so inviting, understanding, and kind as we captured this day to remember.


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