Keith + Elizabeth

On April 20, 2012 I had the privilege to photograph a beautiful wedding in Abilene!  Elizabeth and Keith Fry had such a simple and beautiful ceremony and a miraculous story of Love that bonded them together.  The day was just perfect from every detail of preparation for this occasion to the amazing weather that God blessed them with!  It was obvious that God was present because both Keith and Elizabeth were so humble and neither one of them were ashamed to step back and allow God to take center stage on this great day.  They both made their promise to one another and then allowed Tommy Hood, the pastor, to share a call to Christ for all who attended.  I was personally touched by their selflessness and felt so honored to attend such a beautiful event!  Thank you Keith for starting your marriage with such great leadership and Thank you Elizabeth for serving so beautifully on your day!  I know the Lord has so many plans for your lives!  I cannot wait to see the beautiful ministry unfold! 
Love Stephanie

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