Morgan + Drew

What a Blessing!  About a year ago my beautiful cousin Megan had a family crisis and came to live with us.  In the midst of her pain my cousin was able to get involved in church and a life group!  There were many things that this life group did to protect my cousin and teach her boundaries and the Love of God through Christ.  There were many people in this group that taught her these things but two have recently decided to join as one in committing to a life together in marriage and ministry!  I had the honor of capturing their engagement photos and sharing my ministry with them just as they shared theirs with my cousin.  Morgan and Drew…I am praying for this journey that you two are going on and I pray for your life together till death do you part and I pray for your ministry!  Blessings to you both and thank you for all that you did for Megan during her struggles! 
Love Stephanie 

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