"The Memory Box"

Meet My Family…
From the left you will see Abby, our sweet, smart, and very talented oldest daughter, then Molly is the little baby looking around…she is so full of life and joy!  My husband Danny is that handsome man in the Hat…he is the only dude in our house…poor guy…we are so blessed to have him in our lives…Smart and Funny pretty much describe him!  The sweet girl with the eye glass and the red hat…that is Emma, she is and has always been the comic relief in our house!  oh and please don’t mind the other person in the photo that is just a Mom, wife, photographer, daughter and well lets just say I wear many hats in the family too and I am always looking for fun ways to love my family!  I believe life is all about the Memories we cherish.  I have so much to share with you all but lets just start here!  

Most people have a box of memories (photos) at home. Some have piles of boxes with memories of treasured times with family and friends. Some have hard-drives full of those joyous times. No matter your method of holding on to those fleeting moments we want “The Memory Box” to provide the absolute best way of capturing those moments of fun for your life’s events. “The Memory Box” is just a fun way of catching the shots your photographer would miss; shots of your family, friends and the random people you have met only once. It may even capture that occasional “friend” who you don’t know and have never actually met! People are never the same in front of a photographer as they are in a photo booth. This is why we wanted to make a photo-booth available to the Big Country and the surrounding areas; for that special and memorable occasion you are celebrating.  Let us know if we can set up our booth an your next event!  Send us an e-mail or give us a call for our prices!  OH…and if my sweet daughter Molly answers…It was a mistake(she already likes mommys phone) so you will need to hang up and call back because talking to a six month old is fun but it cannot get you the response you are looking for! 

Stephanie Ellison, MEd



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