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You have waited two days for this message…
For quite some time now I have had a passion for rescuing people! I was born to inspire and motivate the hurting in our world. Most of you who know me understand where this passion comes from! For those of you who do not, let me explain, in a Reader’s Digest kind of way of course :)!
I was biologically born into a family that was full of the darkness of the world rather than the beauty and light of Hope. For this reason I had to get creative in order to maintain my sanity and to choose to see beauty and simplicity. My mother is a drug-induced, bipolar schizophrenic and recovered prostitute and drug addict and my biological dad was prison bound due to his inappropriate sexual addictions. Both were very abusive towards each other and to me and my siblings. My dad eventually ended up in prison for 10 years and is still in and out because of drug problems. Because of his incarceration we lived homeless, broken, and desperate lives for many years. With these odds alone I had little hope for pulling out unscathed.
Most of you are probably wondering why this matters. Well, let me tell you. I love the thought that I could play one small part in helping others no matter where they are in the world. I connect to those who have been abused, mistreated, poverty stricken, and left feeling hopeless and insecure!
I have a sweet dear friend in New York who is a VERY talented fashion designer and is also VERY passionate about rescuing others as well! Her name is Katie Martinez! Katie is connected to people rescuing young girls and women sold into the sex trade, and her goal as a fashion designer is to restore the rescued women by giving them sewing jobs.  These girls were once sold with false promises of bettering their lives through education and work. The people involved in buying these girls paid the families, and due to the families being poverty stricken and uneducated, they believed the promises that their sweet girls would be okay. This happens on a daily basis.
Unfortunately there is no Liam Neeson to keep these girls from being broken and thrown to the wolves, so to speak, so we must ask ourselves, “How can I help?”  I am so glad you asked!!! I am guessing you want to play a part in helping fight this war!  We together can team up and fight! We can be Liam on a different level! We can make a commitment to support these women as if they were our own daughters, sisters, cousins, granddaughters and nieces! I am asking for your help because as I mentioned above, I too have felt as if I were thrown to wolves but I was given a second chance in life by a family that stood up and did what most would not do.  They took me in and showed me love and support.  So let’s support others!  
I know the suspense has killed you these last few days but I had to GET YOUR ATTENTION!  Imagine if it were you out there waiting for someone to rescue you…It was hard enough for most of you to wait for this information :).  These women need our business.  We all buy clothes, so why not buy them for a good cause?  I am proud to say that I…AM…selling Elegantees in the Abilene area to help in the fight! What can you do? You can go to www.elegantees.com and purchase one of Katie’s beautiful articles of clothing made by women rescued! You can post the website on your page to inform others!!!  If you are interested in seeing these clothes and knowing more about what we do, please contact us! These rescued women now have jobs and an education! They cannot keep their jobs if we are not buying their work.  Thank you for being so supportive and for taking the time to read this!
If you are a dude reading this, you can help as well by telling your lady-friends, your beloved grandma or mom 🙂 or by getting your sweetheart a special Elegantee today.

I have these 12 different styles in Abilene get yours today 🙂
SHARE THIS POST today and help us spread the word and fight HELP US by telling others about Elegantees!!!  Like elegantees on facebook!!! https://www.facebook.com/elegantees

Check out Elegantees Mission Statement Here!!! http://elegantees.com/pages/missions/

Harper: $27

Hope: $40

Jenn:  $30

Jolie $25

Kelsie $28

Laura: $42

Vanessa $30

Yaritza: $30


*Stephanie $20

Julie: $18

Demi: $19
Kate: $17

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