Aaron + Nicole = Loomis Love

Friends!  This bride was a childhood friend of mine.  She and I had similar life circumstances and both went different ways for a while but God had a great plan to bring us together right in time for a beautiful beginning of a new chapter for both of us.  She and her sweet groom were both attending a class at our church called ReEngage!  My husband and I were both attending as well!  I ran into her in the hallway one day and we stared at each other for a bit!  “You look so familiar” I said as we both were thinking the same thing!  Little did I know I was standing next to a dear friend who lived in the same town three hours away  almost 20 years ago.  I have enjoyed spending these moments with her!  I have laughed and cried a lot with her!  We are “workout” pals and accountability partners!  One thing I am specifically proud of is the faith that these two are carrying out!  They met as non-Christians and have had a rough road.  Their story did not stop there…they both became believers in Jesus and have decided to walk in complete faith and their story of REDEMPTION is beautiful and the Love of God has restored them.  We are all working together to bring Heaven on earth!  I am proud of you Nicole and Aaron for making a covenant to one another until one lays the other into the arms of God! That was a piece of Heaven for me to see!  When you see these two love birds say a prayer and tell them how loved they are!  Also ask them to tell you how Jesus restored them!!! They have a very powerful testimony! With Love from Above Steph Simply Encourage Loomis Wedding

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