Dowdy Love….

First question…Who in the world doesn’t love them some Dowdy’s?  If you are unsure of whom or what I am referring to then let me explain.  Long ago I met a young man who’s heart was to WORSHIP the LORD and serve not only through loving people but by blessing others with his talented musical abilities!  I also met this sweet sweet spirited beauty long ago who had a heart to serve through music and love as well!  These two married and I have watched them do just what they have desired to do. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without knowing these two.  They are the kind of couple that encourages others to live for the father with a willing heart!  They move when the LORD says move and they rest when He asks them to rest.  I recently had the opportunity to capture their sweet family!  What a blessing it has been to reconnect with them for a brief moment as we captured them effortlessly loving one another!  What a joy!  Dowdy love is a beautiful reflection of Heavenly Love!  Second question…Have you ever listened to one of my favorite songs called “Let It Out”?  If not then I recommend you find a way to hear it!  It is amazing!  This couple has written many songs that have tugged on my heart and summoned me to the thrown of Jesus for sure!  Brenton & Cara I am blessed to know you and thank you for allowing me to capture your sweet family and freeze just one moment of time as it rapidly disappears!   I hope you treasure these memories forever!

Dowdy-77Dowdy-132Dowdy-4Dowdy-116Dowdy-87    Dowdy-169Dowdy-151  Dowdy-6Dowdy-81Dowdy-64

3 thoughts on “Dowdy Love….

  1. Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for these precious words and pictures!!! You are (understatement of the century) a breath of fresh air to all who know you and have the opportunity to share such precious moments with you! You are amazingly talented at capturing perfectly the beauty we see in our own kids. And you are especially gifted at bringing out the best in people – not only in film! That, my friend, is a rare gift! We love you and are so honored to call you friend!

    Brenton and Cara

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