Glitter Moms!


Hey You!  You are special!  There are many moms who were nominated to receive a free photo-shoot!  I was going to do 9 but the response was so overwhelming that I decided it would be okay to do more 🙂 Today is the day I will post your names!  First I want to say that you all are so beautiful!  You were all nominated by someone who loves you!  I will post things specific about you after I do your shoot but today I wanted to let everyone know who you are!!!  In case you missed the reason I am doing this giveaway I am sharing the link with you >>>

Amber Martin

Jamie Ellmore

Jessica Ughanze

Ruth Shirk

Tammy Nunez

Leah Hammett

Linda Pugh

Annie McBride

Abbey Condra

Sara Simons

Kelsi Stanaland

Bobbie Turner

All of you are special moms!  All of you should know how special you are!  Contact me >>> Click Here to schedule your shoot!  Blessings!

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