31 Birthday Wishes

I am 31 today! Woohoo! As I woke up this morning at 3am with my sweet little one I thought about all that I am grateful for! I prayed over my little ones and thought about everything I have learned over the past 31 years! I am so grateful for all that God has done in my life…the good, the bad, and the ugly! Everything has given me perspective! Everything has been Or will be used for His glory! 

I felt lead to share 31 wishes I have for my 31st year! In no specific order:

1. I hope to be a better example of Jesus! (I want to pray more)!

2. I hope to be a faithful, fun, and loving wife in my husbands eyes…and listen to bluegrass more! 

3. I hope to be a fun mom embracing the tough times and I desire to listen better! (I have 4 girls) that is lots of words! Pray for this wish! 

4. I hope to be confident in my faith!

5. I hope to continue to believe that this can happen: http://www.gofundme.com/stephanie-ellison. (I am so thankful for the gifts so far!)

6. I hope to finally finish my book! It has been tough to write! 

7. I hope to exercise more!

8. I desire so deeply to have more opportunities to share my testimony this year! (Let me know if you want me to share with your youth, women, or church life group!)

9. I desire to learn how to play the guitar! 

10. I desire to finalize my adoption as an adult! (Yep! I am getting adopted! I will be a McQuatters on my birth certificate!) 

11. I hope to sing more this year!

12. I hope to write more! 

13. I hope to serve at my church more!

14. I hope to go on a mission trip to Africa! 

15. I hope to go on a mission trip with Buckner Int.

16. I hope to watch certain people overcome drug addiction!

17. I hope to truly grasp Gods Love for me this year! Once we do this we walk completely in faith and not fear! 

18. I hope to organize life a little better this year!

19. I hope to speak for Women Of Faith or something similar one day! (I know it may be a long shot but it is a wish/deep desire!) 

20. I hope to eat healthier!

21.  I hope to drink more water 

22. I hope to read 31 books this year! 

23. I hope to be intentional in building relationships!

24. I hope to be kind!!! 

25. I hope to become a better photographer!

26. I hope to take my kids to see grandparents more often this year!

27. I hope to be a patient parent this year! Okay…every year! 

28. I hope to make people smile daily! 

29. I hope to helps others see themselves the way that Jesus sees them! Worth dying for! 

30. I hope to love deep!

31.  I hope I can truly live this year without fear! 

Thank you for reading this post! Sharing it if you feel lead! And…for doing life with me! Finally I thank you for helping me grow in wisdom! 

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