Teachable…Parent & Child

Some days are easier than others.  Parenting is such an adventure and it can be so fun and rewarding and challenging all at the same time.  Last week our oldest child brought a piece of paper to us wanting us to sign it in five different blanks five minutes before it was time to leave for school.  Each blank represented a week of practice that we are suppose to verify.  Each week she should have done her part for us to do ours. Each week passed and one final date had approached and here we were…faced with a decision that no parent wants to be faced with.  We could do one of two things.  One: Sign the paper and pretend she had in fact completed her work (which we know she did not) or Two: Allow her to feel the sting of life in taking responsibility for her actions.  By doing this we would also be telling her teacher and now all of you that we do not have it all together.  We took a few minutes to think as we held the pen and paper in our hand (she brought a pen to make it easy…how thoughtful)!

I looked into her sweet eyes and said “sweet girl I am so sorry but I cannot sign this paper for you”.  She threw a little bit of a fit but we could not let that sway us from standing our ground.  She told us all of the reasons it was suppose to be signed and how much trouble she would be in if we did not sign it and seemed traumatized.  One of the things we told her is that it is not our job to earn her good grades.  It is our job to teach her to be responsible and signing that paper would do the opposite.  I know it may seem little but I believe the little things help shape us!  If we can be responsible with the small things then it can teach us to be responsible with the big things in life as well.  We had her write a letter to her teacher (partly to have her think through what she would say to her teacher and partly to so she would be held accountable for Doing the work)! 

Take the time to think through teachable moments. One day our kiddos will no longer be kiddos and although we want to believe it will be a perfect ride we know there will be bumps along the way.  Some bumps help shape their character which will help them succeed!  Love your kids today by teaching them honesty, integrity, and responsibility! Oh and have fun making faces every once in a while!  

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