Fall. Watching the leaves change colors and fall from the trees is one of the most beautiful things about our life here on earth. It reminds us of the changing of seasons both naturally and metaphorically. This weekend I was reminded of how absolutely precious life is and how we should never take for granted any moment with our loved ones. My family tree looks different than some but as I watch the leave fall from the trees yesterday I noticed a foreshadowing of life. I thought of the beauty of the past and the pain of the present as the seasons change before our eyes. I remembered that our lives are but a dash between two dates our birth and our death. What we do with that life matters. Those who we choose to love in that short time matters. Most importantly what we are grateful for during that time matters. I am grateful for my family who chose to love me and who invited me into their family as a broken teenager. I am thankful for my Grandpa Frank.

Sadly, Grandpa passed away yesterday evening surrounded by loved ones. How fitting it was that he passed from this life on the same day we celebrated the life and birth of his oldest great-grandson, Kade. We all believe he wanted one last celebration here before he departed from this earthly life to be with his beloved Rose. The day before he passed I got to whisper in his ear how thankful I am that he gave me one of the most amazing blessings in my life. His daughter, my MOM Gina Bianchini McQuatters! Although I was late to the family tree I am so thankful he accepted me with open arms. He was funny, quiet but not shy, constant, loving and oh how he loves his wife and life long partner Grandma Rose who passed away in 2006! I know he has been reunited with her and oh what a reunion they must have had. One of the hardest things I have seen has been watching my mom cry from the pain of losing her dad. It. Is. Heartbreakingly painful. Please say a prayer for my mom and her siblings as they grieve the loss of their daddy. Please pray for all of our family as we grieve the loss of another beautiful leaf falling from our family tree. In memory of Grandpa Frank, please hug your daddy today, hug him every day if you can. Hug your grandpa. Enjoy the changing of seasons together, even the cold ones.73232593_10100281380639267_596799801861865472_n

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