I am looking forward to this wonderful year. My word for 2020 is SHINE! Anytime something or someone is able to shine they are really able to reflect light. Light has come into my life and truly has overtaken the darkness. My desire is to reflect the light that has so graciously rescued me from my darkest days. I want to shine bright this year as I share a message of HOPE to all who feel hopeless and on their behalf. I desire to be brave, bold, fearless, and brighter than I have ever been.

Please pray for guidance as I share my story this month at the Child Protection Round Table in Austin! Also, pray for direction as I meet with the Task Force for Court Appointed Legal Representation for Children through the Supreme Court Texas Children’s Commission.

I also ask that you pray for my Business, Speaking, Writing and Mentoring opportunities.

How may I pray for you this year?Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness. Lettering Motivation Quote. C

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