Simple. Live simple. Enjoy simple.

This message is for anyone and everyone but especially for those who are in a season of feeling financial struggles, illness, and even grief.

I know we are all different and some people can GO ALL OUT on the holidays and that is part of what makes it magical so please hear me when I say, if you can, go for it! Create magic for all to enjoy! Shamelessly light up the windows and amazing yards! Hang the gold, red, and green everywhere! We love driving around and looking at lights! It brings us so much joy!

My husband and I live in a “tiny house” with our amazing daughters! We cannot and quite honestly do not want big extravagant spaces filled with decorations in every single corner simply because it’s small! We could care less about impressing our children or others with a lifestyle of material goods, not that materials are bad but we have learned to live with what we need and be okay if we don’t have all of the wants. I do remember a time when I did care. We have had moments where we compared our lives to others and tried to keep up with newer cars and bigger houses. We almost walked into that trap but we are so very glad we walked away from it instead.

Several years ago we went camping and decided after that day to shift directions and move towards simplicity and adventures with our family. This journey hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it! We have sown seeds and waited. We have continued to work and had moments of error. We have learned valuable lessons and have hoped for good to come from the mistakes. We have dreamed together, fought together, journeyed together, laughed and cried together, and most importantly we have built together!

Holidays can make some feel less than enough due to many factors. If you are in that season I want to encourage you to enjoy what you have, be thankful for your blessings right in front of you. Be okay with the small tree, little stockings, quality time and abundance of love surrounding you. Friends, you don’t need my permission but if it helps, just be. Be present! Be love! Be kind! Be thankful! Be you! Be! Here is our tree in our tiny house with our tiniest daughter adding the star! ❤️ let us celebrate the tiny things this year!

#simply2020 #Holidays #alwaysforever

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