Thanksgiving Hope

I spent time writing each of my 15 students little notes before the Thanksgiving break. I also attached a piece of candy to the pretty blue envelopes. After leaving the notes on their desks for them I prayed for each of them.

My hand hurt when I had finished writing. I remember those moments that my teachers wrote me letters or little sticky notes with encouragement. I still have some of them. These letters I wrote for each of my students may not be much but my hope is they know that I will be thinking of them. I don’t know what life looks like for them when they leave my class but I do know that I pray for peace where there may not be any, hope during moments of hopelessness, and for love to fill any void.

I also pray for their families to be filled with gratitude, grace, hope, and joy during this time.

I am grateful for this break with my family but as I look at this photo of this empty seat, I know that not every family welcomes this time. Some have stressors especially during times of trial that may block their ability to enjoy the season. My hope is that restoration can begin in the lives of those who need it. Restoration entered my life when gratitude filled my heart. May we all receive a heart of gratitude during this season.

If you are wanting to add something to your prayer list please pray for the amazing students of AISD!

alwaysforever #love #gratitude

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