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Here are my notes from today: let me know if there is anything to add!


Lite up the chat box- Anything that connects with me needs to be put in the box.
ENERGY- Energy is a habit! I have had a slip in energy and we need it! We want our feet to hit the ground and shake the world!

EGOSCU: Life Well Lived! What would you do if your world had no limitations?

Feet in alignment. Sprint still. Arms forward circle, arms backwards circle. Hands temple elbows together. Sitting tall.

ADD more value!
Life is happening for us not to us!

Everything in the external world started in the internal world.

Patterns overwhelmed or strong and resilient.
Emotional home: The place that you go back to. Controls the quality of your life. What do you want and what can get you there. Don’t go back to the home that is going to get you destroyed again!

You cannot think yourself into being positive. You have to train your body and your mind! What are your patterns of emotions?

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions!!! Master this emotion and your life will transform!

Most of us are not emotionally fit! Fitness is a state of readiness. You can have intelligence and not use it!

Results actions pattern of emotions head and body
If you want to change your results then you need to train your actions and if you want to train your actions you need to train your pattern of emotions and if you want to train your emotions then you need to train your head and body! You need a healthy mind and body in order to help your life. You have to help you and then you can help others.

Your head and heart work together to affect your life.

Every invisible force has strengths and weaknesses.
Anger rage love and compassion change us!

Not positive thinking. Intelligence!
If you don’t get disappointed you will not find your drive!
Pray and demand that you get better!!!

Make a psychological change! Energy! Energy is life! When it is low you get exhausted and everything is hard and you don’t do a lot of things that you can do. I want problems to be things that I attack.

Stages of grief. Shock, Anger or frustration, bargaining, sadness, acceptance, Create a NEW!!!!

We must create a new no matter how big the challenge is! Let go of what was! It is not going to be good forever and it is not going to be bad forever!

Let’s make winter our season so that we can get to spring!

What follows the night? A new day!
Create our life a new. What parts of me have to grow and expand. We want an incredible quality of life.

Change momentum.

ENERGY is the single most important thing! It is the way you lead! Indecisive is not good. You must have certainty
You cannot manage what you do not measure! You must measure your level of energy!

We need to be at a peak state! High energy!

1-10. Energy is the most important thing to success. Energy is a habit.

Feel it but don’t stay there.

Energy starts with the way you move, movement and use your voice!


Competition conspire to make others better!

I challenge you, you low energy person!

The power of positive thinking. Whats wrong it always available but so is what is right!

There is a power of problems. Problems are gifts and they must understand the value of problems. The only people without problems are people in cemeteries! If you don’t have a problem you better get on your knees and start praying for one.

I built these muscles by every day pushing against resistance and that gives me strength!
Problems build our souls muscles. Jim Roan. For things to get better you have to get better!

If the beginning of the story the main character they are amazing and ⅓ of the way through the story they are great and all the way to the end they are perfect no one will read it!

What you get will not make you happy but what you become will make you happy.

Where focus goes energy flows.

Drowning in information and starving for wisdom! We are an attention society. FEAR sells. If it bleeds it leads in journalism.

Sugar or strychnine in your coffee sweet coffee.

Your biggest problem is you think you shouldn’t have one! JOY comes from growth! Everyone is experiencing stress. KEEP growing. We grow or we die.

If we have nothing to give life is meaningless.

What was horrible but looking back on it you see the grace in it and it has made your life richer. SEE the grace of it! LIFE is always happening for me not to me! The story of your life is a trap. We remember what is painful but the remembering self is the

Discipline and direct your mind. We need to look for what is right rather than what is wrong. EVERYONE has stress. Some have extreme stress.

Grudges do not help me. We don’t need to have resentment or hatred. The key is not stress.

Use your stress and don’t let stress use you!

Your worst problem is someone else’s dream.


How strong you really are!
Who your friends really are?
Build immunity to future challenges!
What is the greatest thing that could happen in your life? Winning the lottery
What is the most horrible thing? Becoming a quadraplegic
Which one is happier three years after their thing? Neither are happier. Both are happier than before it happened.

GET a better quality of problem.

Make a psychological shift.

BREAKTHROUGH: a moment in time when everything changes. When the impossible becomes possible.

Whatever you do is based on your belief. Living is more painful than dying for some. Courage means you are afraid and you do it anyway.

What is a trigger for a breakthrough?

What made it possible for the change to last?

Moment it changes?
What made it possible for that change to last?

Stress, despair, step up,
I will do whatever it takes to get through. If you want to take the island burn your boat!

Human emotions EXPLOSION is what makes you mentally become stronger.

What are you doing from 6-2

Actions equal results
Formula to create breakthrough: “complexity is the enemy or execution”.

70% of Americans are overweight. To lose weight you must diet, exercise, read, audio, video, workout,

If we are going to execute we need to make the rituals that make it happen.

Three keys to a breakthrough
Strategy (last): business, finance, body.
Story (What is the story you are telling yourself?) Belief equals certainty! I have tried everything (blablabla). The story you are telling yourself changes everything. Change your story, change your life! Divorce your story of limitation and marry the story of your life. You cannot see what is in front of you because your belief has gotten in your way! None of it is new! We must adjust the story that we are telling ourselves! Your past does not equal your future! You must choose a different story! Use it to help others not suffer. YOU GET WHAT YOU LOOK FOR! The past does not equal the future unless you live there. If you are trying to get to the future you will not get there if you are looking in the rearview mirror. ALL breakthroughs comes from changing the story! Try is when you don’t think you will succeed. To change your story is to change your life.
STATE: Mental emotional and physical state! When you fall in love with someone what will you do for them? The key is to push yourself through the challenges! Radical Change in your body, focus, and language!
A depressed person had a drooped body. Shallow voice.

Train yourself to change your state. Focus equals feeling! Worry or anger? Our experience is determined by body and focus.

Shake body out, stand tall, close eyes. If we want to solve a problem we must change our state. We all have a warrior. Stand like a warrior! What is the sound of your warrior? What is the color of your warrior? YELLOW for me!

The warrior says all I need to focus on, remember and do is I CAN!!!

The warrior says all I need to focus on, remember and do is I WILL!!!

There is a magician in us! The part of us that knows it is all a game! You just need to change your perception. All I need to remember, do and experience to make this happen is what? Green

Lover is another one in us! What makes us special. What is beautiful? My lover is peace! Blue
My lover says All I need to remember to focus on and do is seek peace! Its okay! Its handled!

Sovereign within you! Serving something more than yourself! Take care of something that you love! Find the queen, Kind of Sovereign in you?
Let your sovereign give you a level of focus remember and do? Remember the end in mind!

They are here to serve!

What is your victory! What does it look like? Humility, fight within yourself!

What is an old story that you have been telling yourself? ( are you BSing yourself?)
Anything you want or desire is of the father!
What is the old story? What is the new story? What is your 2021 vision? What are two goals you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months 1 personal and 1 professional)

Used to be the victim and now a victor!

Change your story change your life!

Sell 10,000 worth of books! Change my body! Be close to my husband!

What is the first action you would take to gain momentum.

Throw away bad food! Do not go in the break room and eat junk! SAY NO! Create ritual!

START CROSSFIT! COMMIT for a year! 4 days a week! I will not settle!

Four things to share:
Assignment: What is the old story? What is the new story? What is your 2021 vision? What are two goals you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months 1 personal and 1 professional)
2 minutes or less!
Challenge: #goalschallenge Share your new story and your 2021 vision why are you committed to it?

Creativity! Eligibility! Time Uniqueness!
tony robbins swag box. Sweatshirt Ultimate edge breakthrough, branded swag
UPW guest 3 tickets! PREMIER

If you can take your worst experience and make it your best that is what this is about!


Incantations: Speaking with total authority.  Experiencing something over and over.  Conditioning yourself to become stronger!  I am a force of nature and unstoppable.  Condition the core belief.  Strengthen my will.  

We are rewarded in public for the things that we practice in private.  

People are not their behavior.  

68 degrees is the comfort zone.  This is the joy you expect.  It is the money you expect.  Current identity.  

The thermostat is your identity.  This can change

Identity is external but its a reflection of how you perceive.  Belief is something that you have said over and over and over.  

REDEFINE who I am.  How do we fix you?  

Who are you?  

Labels stick you in a box.  You get in your head you are dead.  Getting in your heart is important.  You dont want to miss out on the things that don’t matter.  

Find identity that lifts you to help you follow through.  

You can define yourself by What you are and what you are not!  

Life on your terms.  Whatever you want most you will find a place to get it.  

Train yourself to be the person on terms that you want!  Be an intelligent risk taker.    Enhance your identity. Knowledge is potential power.  Execution trumps knowledge.  

Form a triangle.  


STATE- Physiology change your body.  Your physiology can put you in an uncertain face.  Changing your body changes your biochemistry and you can take action.  Using your voice changes you!  Depression example.  Train yourself with pleasure and it can condition you for good.  Change the way you think, feel and behave.  Understand or become.  Example swimming. 

You cannot think yourself into feeling better!  Use your voice and movements dynamically.  

What you focus on.  Focus equals feeling!  If you focus on dying you will die.  Focus on living you will live.  Wherever focus goes energy flows.  Put ourselves in the state of what you want instead of what you feel.  Focus on what we do want!  

People are so afraid of a four level word RISK.  We cannot let people control our focus.  We are here to create things.  Take some intelligent risks.  

There are patterns of cocus.  What do you spend more time focusing on.  What you have or what you have? If you are an achiever you tend to focus on what is missing to fix it.  You cannot sustain happiness if you focus on what is missing.  You cannot build on failure you can build on success.  The ultimate failure is focusing on what is missing.  Focus on what you can control instead or what you cannot control.  Do you focus on the past present or the future?  Focus on what you have currently and what you can control.  Focus on the present so you can enjoy it and the future to get excited about what is ahead.

The third is Language.  Language equals Meaning.  The words you attach to your experience become your experience.  Whatever words we speak change our biochemistry.  

Words and phrases shape how we feel. If you want to be happy you should focus on what you are grateful for.  Change your body you can change your Focus.  

To follow through you would circle the triangle.  Create a compelling future:  A reason to use your skills.  What is your compelling future?

Winter is followed by spring.  It is always darkest before the dawn!  Create a compelling future!  The most powerful force of all is the base outside the circle.  Identity shapes your choices:  We don’t do what we can: we do what we want.  

Do not let the external world control us!  I am in love!  I am a wife.  I am a mom.  I am a daughter.  I am a learner.  I am nothing.  I am everything.  I am a force of nature.  Adventure therapy.  Anyone can deal with a horrible today if they have a compelling tomorrow.  I must participate in my own rescue.  

We are all controlled by our perceptions.  Our perceptions control how we feel.  

What’s great about this?  You get what you look for and what you look for is controlled by your state, language and your patterns.  

Identity shapes your choices:  

Your core beliefs about who you are need to be enhances.  Like doing incantations.  Who wants to be happy no matter what!  

Progress equals happiness.  

When we grow we give. Meaningful is important!  

Branding:  A brand shapes how people perceive you.  

HUMans do stupid shit!  

Mac. Coke. Google. 

What if you could develop a way so that when people thought of your industry they thought of you! 

If we want to enhance our life we need to enhance our brand.  Five Steps.


Understand the power of the brand! 

Identify and articulate your competitive advantage!  

What do you bring to the table?  

Brand is a concept and a set of emotions.  

What do you bring to the table that is unique and different?

Simply Encourage.  Hi.  I am Stephanie Ellison.  One thing I know is EVERYONE needs encouragement in their journey. Like most, I have been at the crossroads of life and I can tell you that taking the path of tension isnt easy but it is worth it.  Life is full of JOY and most people do not see it because they are looking down.  LOOK UP. Take this journey with me into place of hopeful ambition.  Together I can help you see a message with that mess you have found yourself in.  

Getting to the other side of your discouragement. 

I know that feeling, the one that leaves you feeling empty, hopeless, broken, and lonely.  20 years ago I was in that place.  Homeless and heartbroken.  I have spent the last 20 years cultivating relationships that encourage others to live a simple life full and real.    

How would I describe my old identity and who am I really?    

My old identity was:  

My new identity is: 

We judge ourselves by what we do.  We are not our behaviors.  If you want to change your identity or expand it.  

  1. Understand the true power of identity.
  2. Identify and articulate your competitive advantage.
  3. Practice communicating congruently.
  4. Live it! 
  5. Market it!  

Enhance or expand your identity!  


Who have you been, who are you becoming who do you need to become?

Old identity, new identity.  Defy the odds.  

Hey I am Stephanie AKA Sunshine!  I have been energetic throughout life but those damn limiting beliefs have often taken their toll on me. No MORE!   

The person I am becoming is SUNSHINE Stephanie!  I am shining even if there are clouds.  I am consistent.  I provide warmth and allow darkness to be penetrated by my presence!  I will shine radiantly for my children, husband, community and for the world that I live in!  

May we all find the shine in life!


80% of wealth is psychology and 20% is the how to.  

Create your own economy

Sara Blakley Inventor of spanks- Wanted to be a lawyer because of her dad but she failed the LSAT 2 times.

What’s in it for me?  That is the thing that people are all looking for!  

Start small, scale fast, 

What is the why?  

What have you failed at?  Failure is learning and if you don’t fail you don’t learn!  Sense of urgency!  


If you are going to ask for something you need to be specific!  Added value needs to be added to someone!  GO to someone who can say yes!!!  

You have nothing to lose GIVE me 10 minutes!  

Who will you send this to!  MAKE it SELL IT Build awareness! 

Repetition is the mother of mastery! 

We are all equal as soles but we are not equal in the marketplace! 

It all comes down to added value!  Add more value than anyone else! 


What is my core message

Innovating is finding a better way to meet their clients needs

If you make someone happy you will overdeliver

You need to figure out how to add value.  

  1. WHO is your ideal client!
  2. What is your irresistible offer.
  3. OVER DELIVER Give More

Five things to innovate:

Change your product!  Change the promotion.  Change the people. 

Change the location.  Change the price!

Product Promotion People Place Price

Crisis creates breakthrough! 

Enough pain!  Enough inspiration! Pain or pleasure!  

Anyone can do well when things are going their way!  What do you do when things fall! 


I am the creator of my life not the circumstances of my life! 

YOUR worst day can become your best day if you become a manager of your circumstances. 

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