LOVE ( to my love Danny)

We joke together about how crazy we are for this adventurous life we have lived together. We met over a decade ago and jumped into love unashamedly. (Okay maybe there was some shame but that wasn’t from us, it was from everyone thinking I must be pregnant because we met and married so quick 😂🤣). Shame on them, actually maybe it’s, jokes on them 🤣! There are many things that I have learned from being married to and living life with you my love. Here are a few.

❤️Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. I have learned that managing all of these takes work and even when we fail we learn something and press on towards being better humans. (I know, Gushy🤷🏻‍♀️)

❤️Questions. Some people are afraid to question life and all that it entails. You have given room for it. You have welcomed some of life’s most daring questions. I have even learned to question the integrity of my faith and personally believe it is stronger now than ever. May we always seek!

❤️ I have learned patience. Not because I am patient but because you are and have been painfully patient with me. Let’s throw humility to the mix too because you wear that word like a champion (a humble one of course).

❤️I know I am a pain but you have taught me what unconditional truly looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes like. It looks like you, feels like you. Sounds like you. Smells like you and tastes like a marshmallow (let’s not get weird with taste…don’t want anyone thinking I lick you 🤣🙈🤷🏻‍♀️shh).

❤️You taught me how to appreciate storms, stars, guns, bikes, tools, family, instruments, bitter coffee and humor. You have taught me how to laugh at life and I am so grateful for this (often times I am waaayyyy too serious)!

❤️we build. Together we continue to build the layers of our lives as we blend each color together! By the way, if you are blue and I am yellow then together our love color is green. (Read The Gift post for an explanation if this doesn’t make sense.

❤️You have supported my crazy dreams and you still do! You have seen me succeed and you have held me through failure. I have found that there is beauty in both.

❤️Together we built a house and made a family and I am thankful that we have four beautiful daughters (all four are very strong, amazing, bright, fun, and hard working). Hopefully we continue to teach them a few things along this journey. I truly pray that we teach them what love looks like above all things… (oh and we need to get them in that class where they teach you how to damage the testicles and eyeballs 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣should anyone mess with them!)

❤️Thank you for letting me be a mom first even if it cost a few years of fully jumping into our careers! although it was hard, our youngest made it to Kindergarten successfully (well successful is subjective)! She is alive! They all are! We may kill houseplants but the kids made it! Hooray for success! I feel like now is the time to thank you for cheerleading me through breastfeeding…that may have been worse than three and teething and potty training all together! Hooray again!!!

Danny, you are truly the best life partner a woman could ask for. I love you so very much. Thank you for loving me back even though I annoy you, I snore, laugh loud and fight loud, have yet to do a pull-up, think 24-7 about how to help others all the while neglecting myself (changing this as we speak), scare you with crazy ideas, can’t haul a trailer, fall off stationary bikes, have to stop and rest under the cemetery shade tree, don’t understand Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, made you explain the point of The Hobbit 100 times okay 101…what is it again?, steal your chair and your hat and your side of the bed and and and your heart (maybe I didn’t steal that but it makes me feel like a rebel to think I did). I love you and am looking forward to many more Love Days with you. I am so glad you love me more than one day a year! ❤️

From Hugs to Thugs! Classy to Crazy!

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