Gratitude for Groceries

😭❤️ I just returned home from the grocery store and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. Today I went into the store and purchased everything on my grocery list without fear or worry. It’s not the first time but for some reason today I was reminded that I didn’t have to worry if I had enough money.

There was a point in my life when I was homeless and I could not afford groceries. I often had to humbly rely on the help of others like school, food pantries, food stamps, and the church just to have enough food to eat. Now I am no longer having to worry about buying groceries for myself or my beautiful family and although it may seem like a simple thing to most, gratitude is not lost on me because I know what it is like to suffer in this world that we live in.

💛For anyone who is in a place of need, hold on. Never be ashamed of going to the food pantry or the church. Never be ashamed of collecting food stamps when you need them.

As you work hard you can slowly build or rebuild the life you dream of. I remember dreaming of the day I didn’t have to worry. Today I realized that this day has been realized!

Now I am an Author of a best selling bedtime story Always Forever! I am blessed to work in the field of my dreams! I will cherish these moments because I know they will not last forever. To all who have helped me and my family along the way, Thank You, thank you, thank you!

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