Today I will start running. I will start training for a marathon! Why? Good question. Stay tuned to see the documentation of this journey. It’s time to run. It’s going to be hard. I cannot emotionally focus my energy there though. Honestly everything in life has the potential to be hard. Even laziness is hard. It’s just a different kind of hard. I will accomplish this and at the same time I will be writing about it.

I am not an athlete. That is what I have told myself over the years. That isn’t completely true though. I have physical strength! I am capable of learning skills that would qualify me as an athlete. If I am honest, I say I am not an athlete because I have never believed I could be great in this area. But the definition of greatness is defined by growing a skill and achieving something! I can achieve my goal of completing a marathon, becoming an athlete, and achieving greatness. It’s a mountain and I might walk part of the way but I am going for it anyway!

Starting today I will take my fist step in training. Today I will continue to write my story! Today I will point my entire life in a direction I have always desired to go! A new direction. A new journey. Go with me.

Subscribe to follow my journey! Thank you Danny Ellison for the support, Renee Booe for the encouragement, and Roy Juarez for the challenge! Challenge accepted!

This is Roy and this photo is to document the day he talked me into it.
Day one complete!

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