Dream of Greatness

I didn’t deserve to be abused. I didn’t cause it. I experienced horrific situations and not only suffered from broken bones but also a broken spirit! I developed grit and walked with a spirit of resilience and a spirit of rebellion against my abusers. I found people who believed in me even if I struggled to believe in myself! I pushed! I pressed in! I paused! I pushed harder until I started to see greatness that many recognized long before. Beauty from ashes.

I now believe if I can, you can! I will believe in you when you don’t have it in you to believe in yourself. All you need to do is trust me when I say get up and go! Fight for the life you want! Fight for freedom! Beat those odds stacked against you. Walk in authority because you have greatness within you. We all do! Some never choose it. Don’t be that person! Work for it and fight the good fight! #childabusepreventionmonth #childabuseawareness

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