My Why! 26.2

Here we are in April! I am training for a 26.2 and I have been waiting to discuss my why. Here it is! I was an abused and neglected child. I broke free at 15 but the harsh reality is that many do not ever make it out of abuse alive. I reached a point in my life 23 years ago where I had to make a decision to become a homeless runaway youth and face the unknown or possibly die at the hands of my birth mother who had attempted to murder me. Her addiction had a death grip on her and my birth father had been incarcerated for sexually abusing me and my siblings. After I ran away I filed for and became a legally emancipated adult at 16 and began a journey of pushing through painful emotional experiences in order to attempt to break free and truly heal.

Now I am an advocate for children all over the US facing the lonely journey of creating a way where there seems to be none. I run for them! ALL at risk youth and children needing to know they can create their own greatness and leave behind destructive patterns! We can heal! We are not forever broken! We are all part of one big family! You are not alone! I run for my brothers! One who took his own life and the other died by suffering in his own addiction. I will continue to believe they were worth more! Their lives mattered and although I could not stop their suffering I believe I can use their stories to challenge others to grasp onto hope! Run from all that is holding you back from the greatness within you! Rise up!

“National Child Abuse Prevention Month recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect. Through this collaboration, prevention services and supports help protect children and produce thriving families.”

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