Therapy is scary because reflecting on your most traumatic moments can be a challenge. It’s a sacred experience though, to be in a place of authentic vulnerability and learn that your darkest moments created your greatest purpose.

—>my greatest desire is to reach hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced childhood trauma and trauma from life, by loving them where they are. If we don’t love people where they are they won’t trust us. Lack of Trust is one of the casualties of abuse. Restoration of trust is the best way to reach others with love and hope!

❤️To the mom’s and dad’s who were babies when you became a parent. You are loved and there is support waiting to meet you where you are. I believe in you and you are a rockstar!

❤️To those addicted to drugs, alcohol, porn, food, or whatever is throwing you into a shame cycle, you are loved. There is help for you and I believe in you!

❤️To those who are stuck in foster care without a family in sight, I freaking LOVE you and I believe in You! Go create that family you dreamed of when the time is right! Until then, I love you! I delight in you! I adore you!

❤️To those in foster care waiting for your parents to get you back, I freaking love you and I am cheering for your parents to do the work because you are and have always been worth it!

❤️To the single parents, I believe in you! I love you! You have got this!

❤️To the broken not listed above, I adore you, you are loved! You’re going to get through this!

❤️❤️❤️I truly wish I could hold the entire world in my arms and tell everyone it’s gonna be okay. For now, my heart is holding you, I am fighting for you, I am thinking of you! I believe in you! You GOT THIS!

🧨To anyone who just needs to scream at someone without them taking it personally, I am here! I might have feedback but I promise to love you and listen more than I speak!

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