My Memoir Begins

Thank you for the support over the years! Please follow my journey as I continue to write and share!

Sharing my story is not easy. I have been writing it into a memoir for quite some time and the trauma of reliving and trying not to make it a sad story is difficult. I want the reader to feel two things, you are not alone, there is always something to be greatful for. I have rewritten and reworked it several times. I finally feel like I have landed on a good mix of how to share! I truly hope to share it with you all soon! In the mean time, here is a recap of my work over the years! Also included is a picture of my family being lighthearted! I love yall!


This is a link to a song I wrote called Farewell Oh Fear:

Here is my story that I shared at Hardin Simmons University where I went to college:

Marriage Testimony for a private group and a song I wrote:

My story through Buckner International:

Books that have helped me:
The Body Keeps Score by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk
The Deepest Well by Nadine Burke Harris, M.D.
Rising Strong & The Gifts of Imperfection: by Brené Brown

I have an album of music I wrote from my own life experience:

Here are interviews I have done for podcasts:

My story with my church:

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