A to B Healing

Healing is not a linear journey! You don’t just go from point A to point B and automatically think, “okay it’s done, I’m Healed, it’s all over”! It is a process of taking turns down dead end roads and turning around. It’s walking left and losing signal with your map in unknown territory and not knowing where to go next. The brain and neurological pathways are fractured and need help rebuilding, restructuring, remapping. Healing is a process of falling and getting back up time and time again and placing one foot in front of the other.

I hate healing. Sure, I love the idea of being healed but the process of healing hurts sometimes.

If you have walked the healing journey and still feel the fracturing beneath your feet and brain, know that you are not alone. I’m over here trying to reach my healing destination too. Maybe we will meet along the way for some chocolate pie and coffee. The potential of running into you keeps me going.

mentalhealthawareness #healing #dohardthings #therapy

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