Your Best

Something about this is keeping me awake. Maybe it’s that the test developers made this an answer choice. Maybe it’s that a kid that doesn’t always like reading showed proof he is reading. Maybe it’s that success is subjective and we truly cannot measure another humans success by our own bias standards.

Did you do your best? This was test answer choice C that tugged on one of my students heart strings while he was READING his test for benchmark. He wrote it down and when he ran into me in the hall after his restroom break he said “Mrs. Ellison I have something for you. Remember how you always tell me to do my best? I wanted you to know that I am trying harder to be better today than I was yesterday like you ask me to.” He handed me this paper.💙

Whatever it is keeping me awake, I am certainly proud of this amazing kid. I am always cheering for the students who struggle! I was one of those and learned many lessons along this tough journey. The world need’s ordinary people doing extraordinary things, the best way they know how. My students are all amazing, past, present, and future! We rise together!

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