23 years ago I became a homeless, runaway youth! I ran away after my birth mother had attempted to murder me. I used a payphone, much like this one to call a friend.  I can’t even explain to you the amount of courage it takes to pick up the phone and call for help during your darkest moments but as I look back, I am so glad courage showed up within me that day. I contemplated killing myself. I questioned my existence so often.

My trials and pain were not over the moment I made that call but the help on the other end gave me a few more ounces of hope. Seeds of faith were planted as I walked into the unknown. I walked away from domestic violence and tiptoed into freedom.

I would love to say that I had complete confidence and that I was a warrior that day but sister, that would be a lie. I was scared, and scarred. I had more questions than answers and more doubts than faith. I had learning disabilities and mental blocks that created anxiety and depression as deep and dark as the journey to the bottom of the ocean. 

Thank you to every single person who has answered the call at the other end of the line! Thank you for sowing into my life so that I could pay it forward, and sow into the lives of others!  I know that people work can be triggering and difficult, but as Sarah Jakes Roberts puts it, I believe sometimes our triggers in life are our weapon!

I am so grateful for every opportunity that I get to share my story to help empower and uplift the lives of others. This month I get to join IMPACTtruth, Inc. as a speaker for a conference in San Antonio!! I get to help empower those working with our vulnerable youth and community members in the throws of poverty, abuse, homelessness, foster care, and generational cycles of pain! Today I also said yes, to an interview with a magazine that reaches women all over Australia and New Zealand! As soon as it releases, I will share it with you. My nonprofit Simply Encourage is in its foundational year! I am so grateful for all who believe in me and this journey I am walking! 😭❤️

Thanks for answering! If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or helplessness please call 988!

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